Problem with sending big mails

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Subject: Problem with sending big mails
Posted by:  adrian (…
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007


i've got a strange problem with sending big mails. my applications do these things:

1. receive a mail through pop3 and save it without modifying it with tidmessage.savetofile.
2. another application loads this mail with tidmessage.loadfromfile and analyzes recipients, attachments, etc.
3. the mail is then sent to an internal mailserver with tidsmtp.send(message).

the problem is: it takes too much time to send the mail with nodecode and noencode = true. prior to really transmitting data to the smtp server, the cpu works at 100% for at least one minute (mail size approx. 18mb, cpu @ 1.6ghz). this often causes smtp-timeouts! the cpu-time increases dramatically with the mail size, for small mails it's not a problem.
if nodecode and noencode is set to false, the mail is being sent almost immediately to the server.

the problem with nodecode and noencode set to false:
if a multipart-header contains the header line "Content-Description: ...." then this header line is moved by indy out of the header and into the messagepart body (text or attachment). an attachment is then not usable anymore, the file then contains "Content-Description=...." and CRLF at its beginning (strange: ": " is being replaces by "=").

that's why i wanted to use nodecode and noencode = true....

i'm using the 10.0.52 version with delphi 2005 win32.

thanks for any help!