SMTP Relay on private network

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Subject: SMTP Relay on private network
Posted by:  Eddie Lotter (no…
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007

This has me stumped.

The SMTP Relay component connects to my mail server (on a
network) after resolving the MX record, it says HELO to the mail server and
then times out, disconnects and returns a "No MX records for the domain" as the first of hundreds of blank entries in the StatusList.

Clearly the MX record was found because the Relay component connects to and
_starts_ to talk to the SMTP server. So the error is inaccurate, but what is
the real problem? It doesn't make sense that it stops talking to the SMTP
server without apparent cause.

If I use TIdSMTP.send after setting the host it works perfectly so why
doesn't TIdSMTPRelay.send work?

This happens using the SMTPRelay demo program included with Indy 10.x and
Delphi 2005.