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Subject: Re: Speed of idSmtp send
Posted by:  kgmccoydt (kgmccoy…
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007

Carl wrote:

> Now send takes close to 400 ms to send 1 mail, by using
> smtpMailer.Send(MessMailer);

That seems reasonable to me, depending on the size of the message.

The send speed is going to be mostly related to how fast the server can
accept your messages. If it is busy with other messages, it will take

There may be a way to send messages back to back, saving a little time
on the SMTP negotiation, but it probably wouldn't improve your speed much.

I send out an HTML-formatted newsletter to around 400 people using Indy.
It takes about the length of time you describe to send each of the

I save time by hosting the Email graphics on our web server and linking
back to them in the email body HTML. That way I don't have to send the
same GIFs/JPGs out a zillion times as attachments, burning up time and

I Hope this helps

Kevin G. McCoy


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