10.2.3 SMTP Attachment Problem

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Subject: 10.2.3 SMTP Attachment Problem
Posted by:  Adam H (ahairsub4@rREMOVEMEspamSTOPPER.jvxp.com)
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007


I tried updating to the latest snapshot of indy, but have experienced
problems when sending SMTP attachments. A 40k attachment for instance is
getting sent as a 90byte attachment - missing lots of data.

I'm no expert at indy, and don't know exactily what to look for, however
falling back to 10.0.52 has fixed the problem.

Has anyone else experienced problems with SMTP attachments in the latest

Also, as far as stability is concerned, is 10.0.52 the best version to be
using at present?

Thanks & Regards