How to set "Message-Id"

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Subject: How to set "Message-Id"
Posted by:  Didier (info.service.…
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007


I Use Indy10.2.0.1 to send e-mails with SMTP.

I need to set "Message-Id" to a specific value to identify my message and retrieve it when i receive a "non delivered mail message".

Y tried "MyMsg.MsgId:=[MyId]" but it seems to be ignored by Indy : nothing is transmitted.
Help say "MsgID is normally assigned by the server that receives the message. In don't understand that it's impossible to set this value...
I tried too UID but it's the same.

How can i do to identify my message ?

Thanks for your Help, and sorry for my poor English (i hope you will understand me, i'm french and i don't speak your langage very well).
Indy is a goog Component. Thanks