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Subject: Re: Mass Mail
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007

"dp320" <da…> wrote in message news:F6ABC425F13CE340da…

> I have a mail program in my delphi project to send a newsletter
> to clients.

Why not use a mailing list service, like Yahoo Groups or similar?
Alternatively, you can talk to your email provider about setting up a
server-side mailing list for your account.  Either way, it allows you to
send your message to only a single email address, thus not triggering the
error, and then let the server handle the distribution for you.

> I use the Indy SMTP and message components to send my email.
> There are over 300 recipients and I get a #4.5.3 Too Many
> Recipients Error.

Then you can't specify so many recipients in a single message.  Or you have
reached a quota on your account and need to wait a day or so for the quote
to reset.  Either way, you will have to send the message multiple times with
smaller groups of recipients each time.

> Normaly there is no limit to the number of recipients.

There is always a limit.  ISPs impose such limits to reduce spamming as well
as system overhead.  If you need to be able to send messages to such large
recipient lists, then you need to talk to your email provider about raising
the limits on your account, or look at alternatives.

> Is there a way to handle this ?

See above.

> Or maybe there is a limit and therefore I have to split up the recipients
> programmatically and send multiple messages with timed intervals ?

That is exactly what you will need to do if you continue with the approach
you are currently using.



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