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Subject: Re: Mass Mail
Posted by:  kgmccoydt (kgmccoy…
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007

dp320 wrote:
> I have a mail program in my delphi project to send a newsletter to
> clients. I use the Indy SMTP and message components to send my email.
> There are over 300 recipients and I get a #4.5.3 Too Many Recipients Error.
> Normaly there is no limit to the number of recipients. So this should be a temporary error.
> Is there a way to handle this ?
> Or maybe there is a limit and therefore I have to split up
> the recipients programmatically and send multiple messages with timed intervals ?

I send out a similar newsletter using Indy 10 and D2007. We ran into a
limit of about 30-40 names on the To: list going through our exchange
server. I switched to sending out one message to each person on the
mailing list. Even with 400 emails, it doesn't take that long (a couple
minutes) to send out 400 copies. I filter our list using SQL commands,
loop through the result set and send out HTML formatted messages to all
the addresses.

To save bandwidth, you can put email graphics on your web server and
make HTML links to the images. This gives you indirect stats on how many
people read your emails - just analyze your web server logs.

You don't want to put lots of email addresses in each message header.
Most email servers and some spam filters will not like it.




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