Re: SMTP Send Error / connection closed gracefully / 10.1.5 / XP

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Subject: Re: SMTP Send Error / connection closed gracefully / 10.1.5 / XP
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008

"Andreas Jablonowski" <ajablo…> wrote in message

> i'll use the version 10.1.5 of INDY components.

You are using an outdated version.  The current snapshot is 10.2.3.

> I'm using the atDefault option for AuthType property of the TidSMTP
> component.

Are you specifying anything for the Username property?  Even if you are, you
still may not actually be logging in.  atDefault sends an AUTH LOGIN
command, which most servers do not support anymore because it is not secure.
If the server does not report LOGIN in its EHLO reply (which is stored in
the Capabilities property), then atDefault will not send anything.

> After debuging: the application is stopping at at Line 308  in
> ....
>    //MAIL FROM:
>  if PosInSmallIntArray(GetResponse([]), MAILFROM_ACCEPT) = -1 then begin

The only way that line can raise such an error is if the server is
intentionall closing the connecting on its end without sending a reply to
the MAIL FROM command.  You can verify that with a packet sniffer.

Also, try setting the Pipeline property to False.  By default, it is True in
10.1.5 but is False in 10.2.3.  TIdSMTP tends to have a lot of problems when
pipelining is used, which is why it is not set to True by default anymore.




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