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Subject: Re: Send Page By Email
Posted by:  Joel Z (nowhe…
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008

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>> Can anyone tell me how I can send an email like Internet
>> Explore does when you select "Send Page By Email"?
> Internet Explorer copies the page's HTML into the email, changing all of
> the
> references to images and such to their full URLs.  It is the email
> reader's
> responsibility to then display the email in such a way that those
> resources
> can be downloaded dynamically when the email is shown to the user.
>> I have tried to copy and past the source content of a
>> Web page into an Idmessage.body
> How did you copy it?  Did you just highlight the context in the browser
> itself, or did you use the "View Source" option first?

I tried both

>> when the email is sent it is not received like a web page.
> Then you did not set up the TIdMessage to indicate the message contained

Do I just set ContentType=HTML?

> Gambit


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