Occasional freezing.

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Subject: Occasional freezing.
Posted by:  Ivan (iv…@email.com)
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008

I have application (service) that sends emails using Indy 10.
It works more than one year, during that time I encountered
problems only twice (2 months ago, and couple of days ago).
What happens is that the service freezes - it stops working,
and it is not possible to even stop it (process must be killed).

Any idea what can be the problem ?

- when the service is frozen, there is nothing suspicious when
looking at it using Task manager, i.e. no excessive memory
or handle consumption, zero CPU usage.

- in the source code I do not use any synchronization (so I can't
cause deadlock to myself), and everything is in try/except blocks,
so unexpected exception would be logged into file (but there is nothing
interesting in it)

- currently I use Indy10 from May 2007.

- both cases of freezing have one thing in common - somebody filled
wrong destination address. Since I can't distingusih "temporary problem" vs.
"permanent problem" or "invalid address", the service simply tries
to resend email after some time (the same way as if it was new email,
there is no difference for the application).

Can repeated failed attempts to send email cause application to freeze ?