Re: Occasional freezing.

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Subject: Re: Occasional freezing.
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008

"Ivan" <iv…> wrote in message

> I have application (service) that sends emails using Indy 10.
> It works more than one year, during that time I encountered
> problems only twice (2 months ago, and couple of days ago).
> What happens is that the service freezes - it stops working,
> and it is not possible to even stop it (process must be killed).

Without seeing your actual code, I can only assume that TIdSMTP has entered
a blocking state due to unexpected socket errors, and your service code
can't shutdown because it is waiting for TIdSMTP to release itself first.

> in the source code I do not use any synchronization (so I can't
> cause deadlock to myself), and everything is in try/except blocks

That does not mean that blockages cannot still occur.

> - both cases of freezing have one thing in common - somebody
> filled wrong destination address. Since I can't distingusih "temporary
> problem" vs. "permanent problem" or "invalid address"

The SMTP server reports such error information when sending the email.  If
TIdSMTP is blocked, then the server is likely not communicating back

> Can repeated failed attempts to send email cause application to freeze ?

Not unless the server itself is freezing up.




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