Delphi 2009 email attachment difference

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Subject: Delphi 2009 email attachment difference
Posted by:  Richard King (richa…
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008

Dear Indy support,

I hope this is the correct forum -- apologies if not.  My question relates
to a difference I am observing between D2007 and D2009.

I have some standard D2007 code that attaches a file to an email. It
compiles fine in D2009 but, when run (ie when I send an email with an Excel
attachment), gives a different result -- the mail client shows the attached
filename correctly as eg ABC1234.xls with the D2007 exe, the D2009 exe
causes the attachment to be named adn shown as something like ATT00004.DAT.
And this means the attachment can no longer be double clicked to open it
from the mail client.

If I save the .DAT somewhere and rename it to zzzzz.xls then Excel will open
it -- so it is the real attachment, just the display name is wrong.  I have
tried setting the DisplayName property on the TIDAttachmentFile object and
fiddling around with a few other settings like the ContentDisposition but no
luck so far.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Richard