Newbie Issues - Trying to Connect using SMTP

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Subject: Newbie Issues - Trying to Connect using SMTP
Posted by:  Steven Liburd (steven.libu…
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009

I've just started playing with Indy (Tiburon). After several failed
attempts (did learn a few things that will help later), I decided to try
something simple. I dropped an IdSMTP, set the Host, Port, Username and
Password properties, no TLS (as it is set in Thunderbird). AuthType is
satDefault, and UseEhlo is False. I invoke the Connect method just to
see if Authentication passes, but DidAuthenticate always returns False.
I added an IdIOHandlerStack (just in case), but it didn't matter.

Should this work in the first place, or is there something (probably
obvious) that I'm missing? I've tried it with an IdMessage connected to
the IdSMTP component (with recipient and message), but it didn't seem to
matter - authentication still failed. I'm looking into Extended Hello in
the meantime to see if that's where I've gone wrong.