Newbie issues - Redux

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Subject: Newbie issues - Redux
Posted by:  Steven Liburd (steven.libu…
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009

I'm successfully sending mail through my secure server (Yahoo). However,
I noticed that the Sender in my IdMessage still contained my Verizon
address (left over from previous testing efforts), so my sent mail had
my Yahoo address as From, but my Verizon address as sender.

No problem, I figured. I didn't think Sender was required, so I cleared
the entry and tried sending. No error messages, but the sent mail never
showed up. Hmmm...ok, so I put my Yahoo address as the Sender (same as
From). No success. I tried with the webmaster address for the Yahoo
account. No go. I tried with Sender as my personal Yahoo address instead
of one of the business addresses. Nada.

Obviously, I'm confused again. If it was needed, I thought that using
the same address that I provide in the IdUserPassProvider should have
been ok as Sender. I'm going to try playing with one of the Intercepts
(that should give me details as to what's happening, no?).

YALE! (Yet Another Learning Experience)