indy smtpclient not sending message-id property

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Subject: indy smtpclient not sending message-id property
Posted by:  christoph.moar (…
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010

Hi, I am experiencing a problem while using the indy smtpclient.

I set a client-generated messageid property,

            aMessage->AddHeader("Message-ID: "+aMessageId);
            aMessage->AddHeader("X-Riferimento-Message-ID: "+aMessageId);

When i save the message with

            aMessage->SaveToFile(aTempFileName, false);

I find the message-id: header in the .eml message.

When I send the message with

it looks like indy is not sending the message-id header (at least, on a test smtp server that dumps the tcp traffic, i miss that line).

The problem is, I need the client to send that line, since that is required by an italian government backed secure email solution.
There, the client is supposed to set the message-id, which will then be detected by the server, replaced with a server-generated-unique-one,
but the client-set message-id is written into a x-riferimento-message-id field for later purposes.

does anybody have an idea why indy is not sending this field?
and anyone an idea as how to force indy smtpclient to send this field? i need this deperately.