TIdSASLNTLM in Indy 10.2.3

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Subject: TIdSASLNTLM in Indy 10.2.3
Posted by:  Fredrik Sandedal (fredr…@not-a-valid-email.se)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010

I have tried using the TIdSASLNTLM in Indy version 10.2.3.

I can however not get it to work. I always receive a "Authentication
Failed" response when trying to send an e-mail.

Is the component working in 10.2.3? For example it seems as the
GetDomain method in IdNTML is mixing up VDomain and VUserName variables.

The SMTP server I connect to requires NTLM. (AUTH GSSAPI NTLM)

I am grateful for any kind of answer/hint or recommendations.


Fredrik Sandedal