Delay On Failed Send

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Subject: Delay On Failed Send
Posted by:  Tom Hahn (tha…
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010

I recently upgraded to Indy 10 from Indy 9, and added the appropriate
SASL components to my application.

After noticing that there was a lengthy delay when a Send fails because
of an authentication problem, I added some time-stamped logging. I found
that the time between the Send and the Exception being raised could be
as long as a minute. Is this time being taken by the server or is there
some timeout factor that I have not found?

Additional  questions - Should all of the SASL components be used or is
there a recommended set? Is the list to be used dependent upon the
server being accessed? If so, how can I determine which to use? (I
assume each component adds to the delay mentioned above so I want to use
only those that are necessary.)