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Subject: Re: Not all messages are set
Posted by:  Kevin G. McCoy (atoz…
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011

On 7/2/2011 10:25 AM, MM wrote:
> Hi , in my program (not a spammer program)
> i have a list of email addresses , i scan it
> and i send a message with a pdf document for each address .
> My problem is that not all the messages are sent ,
> i tried with 100 adresses and it seems that only 30 are sent ,
> i made a test with 100 items with the same address and it is the same :
> only first 32 addresses are sent  then an error message appears :

Many people in your situation (including myself) use an HTML formatted
email message with a link back to a web site containing the file.  If
the recipient really wants to view the file, they just click on the link
in the email and it opens in their browser.

This is a much lower bandwidth solution to sending the file out to
hundreds of people that may or may not actually read it.

If you are clever on the web site end of things you can monitor how many
times the file is downloaded, implement security so that only authorized
people can download the file and so on.  I do this with PHP, but you
could also do it with IntraWeb, I suppose.

You can also host email graphics on the web site that appear in each
message.  That way you don't have to send the graphics files as
attachments with each message. This also lowers bandwidth requirements
on the SMTP server. Since people open their email at different times, it
also spreads out the web server bandwidth peaks.

My software sends out email messages to tens of thousands of members of
our organization in one shot and our email server has no problems with
it.  This is all done with Indy and some HTML email template classes I

Best regards,

Kevin G. McCoy



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