invalid code page error on a connect

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Subject: invalid code page error on a connect
Posted by:  Mike Dumble (mike.dumb…
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012


We have a Delphi 2010 application running as an ISAPI dll (i.e. Intraweb)
that send emails using TidSMTP and TidMessage working perfectly in many
environments. For one particular client however the Connect fails due to the
error Invalid Code Page. If we continue on and try the send anyway the send
fails due to not connected. We have taken the email portion out of the
intraweb dll and run it as standalone exe and the problem remains.

We can connect and send emails by Telnet (ing) to the smtp server in
question. We can also send emails using a standalone exe written in C# and

Changing the charset on the TidMessage has no effect as it is the connect
that fails!

I cannot find any away  to change the codepage/charset/encoding on the
connect itself.

Our code (the Delphi 2010/Intraweb/Indy application) runs on Windows2003
Server where as the smtp server is in fact Exchange 2010 running on windows
2008 server (32bit).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Dumble